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INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ZEN MASTER  David Ferguson   Peacefields Retreat - a not for profit organisation  

ZEN IN LIFE & DEATH            Rosemary Ferguson


Rosemary became a committed student of Zen in 1993, when she returned from Australia to work with International Contemporary Zen Master David Ferguson

The effect of Kensho is lived in her everyday life and her work as a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse - providing advice and support to people who have life threatening illness and who are dying. Her deep insight into the nature of self and existence has combined with modern neuroscientific understandings of the brain to open a freedom in understanding the fears and beliefs we create about dying. This is reflected in her work teaching Health Care Professionals how to care for dying patients and to start understanding their own relationships with life and death.

In 2001 she was a national finalist in the RCN Cancer Nursing Society Palliative Support Programme Education Award. This was in recognition of her pioneering work with healthcare professionals with sessions on ‘Life and Death – Beyond Belief’ and subsequently ‘Evidence-based Spirituality – a Contradiction’. These support individuals to uniquely explore their own relationship to life and death, not limited by religious views or any belief systems, but seeing the value of why we need them.

Since 1999 Rosemary has been David's life long partner, and worked together on their International Retreats.
They married in 2010.

Rosemary co-founded ‘The New School of Contemporary Zen’ with International Contemporary Zen Master David Ferguson.





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